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Heading: Who We Are

we are a team of creative designers who are passionate about unlocking possibilities.


our mission is to unearth the essence of your brand and transform it into visually captivating experiences that leave a lasting impact.


whether you're a startup ready to launch or an established brand seeking a cosmic makeover, unearth is your launchpad to reach new creative horizons.

(who we are)
An astronaut gracefully floating in the vastness of space, symbolizing the limitless possibilities and creativity that our agency offers.

we believe that every brand has a unique story waiting to be told.

Heading: What We Do


your brand is more than just a logo; it's a universe of identity and values.

from logo design, brand guidelines to tone of voice, we create brand identity that sets you apart from the outside clutter.

Campaign image from one of our branding project for a coffee brand.
(what we do)‌
Mobile phone displaying user interface.


we focus on creating intuitive and delightful user journeys that leave lasting impression.‌

we craft interfaces that are not only visually stunning but also enhance user engagement.

(what we do)‌


we specialize in creating user-friendly websites tailored to your unique needs.

from stunning visual designs to seamless functionality, we bring your vision to reality.

A laptop displaying development screen.
(what we do)‌
Preview of cloudin app, one of our UX/Ui design projects on an iPhone.
cloudin - mobile app
(ux/ui de‌sign)‌
(what we did)
Mockup of stationery for dtivn, one of our branding projects.
dtivn - branding identity
(what we did)
Preview of perplexity landing page, one of our UX/UI design project.
perplexity - landing page
(ux/ui design)
(what we did)
Preview of Pride & Prejudice website - one of our Webflow development projects,
pride & prejudice - website
(webflow development)‌
(what we did)
Preview from assumptions - one of our branding projects.
(what we did)
Preview from Pixxel Academy mobile app - one of our UX/UI design projects.
pixxel academy - mobile app
(ux/ui design)
(what we did)
Heading: What We Did

throughout the project, unearth not only met but exceeded our expectations. their attention to detail and creative problem-solving skills were truly remarkable.

mike ross‌
(cmo of laymotion)

i couldn't be happier with the website development done by unearth. from the initial consultation to the final launch, their team displayed utmost professionalism and attention to detail.

Donna Paulsen - P
donna paulsen
(project man‌ager of zenith‌)

working with unearth has been an absolute pleasure. their team of talented designers brought our vision to life. they were attentive to our needs, provided valuable insights, and delivered exceptional results.

Harvey Specter - CEO of Connekt
ha‌rvey specter
(ceo of connekt)

they took the time to understand our unique needs and delivered a user-centric experience that wowed our customers. I can't recommend unearth enough!

Louis Litt - CTO of Nimbus
louis litt
(cto of nimbus)

choosing unearth was the best decision we made for our project. their ideas and out-of-the-box thinking brought a fresh perspective to our brand.

Rachel Zane - Project Manager of Betamex
rachel zane
(project manager of betamex)
Heading: What They Say
Logo of Oasis Edu
Logo of Enigma
Logo of EngageAI
Logo of Zenith
Logo of laymotion
Logo of ApexTech
Logo of Connekt
Logo of Swift Solutions
Logo of Nimbus
Logo of Bonita
Logo of Betamex

don't settle for ordinary.
let's team up and‌

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